Increasing Yield

Carbon makes up about 45% of the dry weight of plants and is arguably the most important element to plant structure

Plants fix carbon from CO2 in the air, but ambient levels of CO2 aren’t nearly enough to maximize plant growth, especially in high-tech greenhouses where all other growth variables can be maximised.

The benefits of CO2 enrichment on crop yield in most fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in greenhouses is well documented. Increases in crop yield of as much as 30% can be gained through enriching a greenhouse with CO2, increasing grower revenue and profits.

The graph on the right shows crop production at different CO2 concentrations. The wide band is due to variation between crops and to conditions. This graph is based on data from about 60 publications of experiments worldwide in many greenhouse crops (Source: Elly Nederhoff, 1994).

Our containerised HL3000 system allows rapid transport and installation and will enrich 3 Ha of hydroponic greenhouse to ~700ppm (or 2Ha to 1000ppm), at around half the price of existing CO2 supplies. Increasing the number of units feeding a greenhouse can increase the concentration of CO2 within the greenhouse.

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Graph showing CO2 curve showing crop production (%) at various levels of CO2 (ppm)

Clean and Safe CO2

The CO2 produced by the Hot Lime system has been certified by independent labs as clean and safe for crops and people. Gas cleanliness is also constantly monitored by an array of electronic sensors, to ensure levels of CO, Ethylene, NOx and SOx are all within safe limits.

The system also has very low particulate emissions due to the updraft gasifier design system and filtering by the Hot Lime material.

“Access to a cost-effective CO2 supply would be of huge benefit to our growers. CO2 has a significant impact on greenhouse crop productivity and can increase yields by up to 30%. Most growers can’t get enough, and South Island growers can’t get any. A renewable source of CO2 would be greatly welcomed by our industry.”

Helen Barnes, General Manager Tomatoes NZ
(representing $131m of tomato production)

Biomass Conversion

The system currently converts a range of wood waste into CO2 through our novel process. In future, the system will broaden to be able to convert other waste biomass such as crop waste, waste oils and anaerobic digester gases. Stay tuned!

Pilot system showing screw conveyor for wood feeding, gasifier and containerised reactor.

Greenhouse Integration

The Hot Lime Labs system is containerised and standalone from any of your other greenhouse systems. It can be integrated into an existing greenhouse set up, included in a new build, and it sits separately from your existing boiler system.

The Hot Lime system does not replace your current boiler system, but it does augment it, with the HL3000 producing approximately 10% of the heating needs of a 3Ha greenhouse. We can integrate the system with your current boiler, and contribute to your overall heating needs.

The system footprint is two 20” shipping containers, with additional space required for wood storage.

The patented lime pellets will be replaced annually in your system to ensure the system runs efficiently.

The system is fully automated and needs minimal daily maintenance by the greenhouse customer.

How to buy

Customers will buy clean renewable CO2 through a supply contract with Hot Lime Labs; this means that you pay for the CO2 and heat produced through the system that is fed into your greenhouse. We will install our system(s) on your site, connect with services and sort wood feedstock. This takes the hassle and risk out of your hands, and there is no costly equipment purchase needed.

HL3000 will be available for commercial use from late 2021 – contact us today to discuss your needs.

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