Hot Lime Labs offers a unique, sustainable CO2 solution for greenhouse growers

Using novel technology, the Hot Lime System produces clean CO2 from renewable waste wood, and in future, other biomass sources.

The Hot Lime Labs system is a batch process where the system extracts and captures CO2 from wood in one cycle (charge), and releases clean CO2 that has been captured in the next cycle (discharge).

Pilot system in use at NZ Gourmet Mokai

Hot Lime Labs Process: How it Works


Step 1: The Charge Cycle (CO2 capture)

  1. Wood is combusted in a special burner called a “gasifier”
  2. Gases (wood gas, aka syngas, aka producer gas) produced during the combustion process flow through a large vessel containing patented Hot Lime pellets
  3. The lime pellets absorb CO2 like a sponge, and allow all other unwanted (clean and low particulate) gases to pass through and up the chimney
  4. Heat from the gas is extracted and sent to the greenhouse heating tank

Step 2: The Discharge Cycle (CO2 release)

  1. Air is blown into the system, causing a reaction in the lime pellets
  2. The lime pellets release CO2
  3. Heat from the gas is extracted and sent to the greenhouse heating tank
  4. CO2 is fed into the greenhouse

Charge cycle (step 1) starts again.

The Power of the Pellet

The power of the Hot Lime CO2 capture system lies in the patented lime pellets. The pellets have very high CO2 capture capacity and act like a sponge within the system. Our patented limestone pellets make the Hot Limes system robust, compact and less costly than competing CO2 capture systems.

During the charge cycle, these pellets act like a sponge and absorb up to 30% of their volume in CO2.

During discharge, when hot air is applied to the system, this causes a reaction between the iron and Calcium Carbonate, resulting in the pellets releasing CO2.